What Would Your Three Wishes Be?

This week I find myself running around, clamoring for more time. Time to sleep, eat, do laundry, market my book, blog, meet up with friends, pay my bills…but who isn’t trying to find more time to do this kind of stuff right?

Every week I think I have a great handle on my day planner as I cruise right into Wednesday with full-steam-ahead productivity. But then somehow, every Friday, I’m left with big circles next to all the stuff I didn’t finish. It makes me wonder - what did I do to fill my week?

Most weeks the loss of hours can be attributed to me forgetting to factor how much time it really takes to shower, vacuum, clean the kitchen, make dinner, eat lunch, exercise, etc.

Sometimes I really enjoy working from home because I can focus and dive in with no issue. Other weeks I let myself get distracted by all that life stuff and work seems like a distant memory.

My how nice it would be to have a fairy godmother. Actually, scratch that. Forget a fairy godmother, I want a genie.

What's the difference anyway?

A fairy godmother plinks her magic wand down on you once then runs around smiling and fluttering and singing to you all night.

She distracts you from the fact that there are restrictions on time to live your dream with pretty lights and falling glitter.

And we all know how I feel about glitter!

But a genie…

A genie makes it clear there’s a straight up business proposition on the table –
1) the genie is under your control
2) you will get a total of three wishes for releasing the genie 3) after those wishes are wished you're done

There’s no confusion about the process; three wishes, end of story.

Lately I’ve been contemplating what my three wishes might be if I happened to stumble across a genie. Money aside, this 3 wish thing is really loaded isn't it?

Because of course I'd want a big pile of expendable income but not just a big pile of money sitting in front of me – boom you’re rich!

My first wish would be that I could turn my novel writing career into a paying one. A really well paying one that supports my family. A sudden snowball of sales would naturally deposit that money in my bank account as I work on my second, third, and so on, plus years' worth of royalty checks.

Wishing to be rich enough to never have to work again? Nope. No thanks. The money sure would be nice of course, but I love my job so even without a genie's influence I fully intend to keep doing it forever.

As for the other two wishes, I'll have to get back to the genie on that one. After wish 1 is fulfilled I'm not sure what else I could ever ask for that could be as awesome!

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