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Ripple the Twine (retired)

Shaw McLeary Mystery Series
Reckless Abandon (Book 1)
Reckless Hearts (Book 2)
Reckless Mind (Book 3)

Series synopsis:
How far would you go for love?

Author Shaw McLeary feels like she's been around the world to find out. But she still struggles with trust. After all, what woman could prioritize love when she's been: shot at, kidnapped, almost killed, and witnessed multiple murders? Not to mention facing the scariest thing of all-- her sister's scathing judgement.

If Shaw finds love he’ll need a thick skin, unwavering loyalty, and absolutely no desire to kill her. A tall order perhaps, but she's determined to search until she finds him. Luckily, she may not have to look too far.

California Dreamin’ Series

Series Synopsis:
Being in your early twenties can be tricky. From first loves to dead-end jobs, figuring out who your family really is to creating a new family of best friends and lovers, there's never been a better time to figure out who you really are!

These are the stories of three women who flow in and out of each other's lives as they struggle to define themselves, their dreams, and their goals in 1990s coastal California.

Non-Fiction / Reference

Creative Writing Kickstart (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Synopsis: Two volumes of over 365 writing prompts in each book. Split between: dialogue, character development, plot, setting, and writing with five senses. For any fiction writer struggling to come up with a story starter, these prompts will act as your perfect inspiration!

Synopsis: Ever wanted to write 50,000 words in 30 days? If you answered yes, then 30 Chapters in 30 Days is the book for you. Through questions, themes, and tips for chapter and scene development, this book will help you get to know your characters as if they were your best friends. Your scenes will take on new depths of dimension, and your settings will feel like another character. If you want large word count in a small time frame, then open this book, grab a pen and paper (or tech of choice) and start putting words down today!