Ripple the Twine Is in Final Stages of Pre-Publication

After a lot of thought I decided to have my cover artist, Judi FitzPatrick Studio, for Ripple the Twine edit the image to include the words “A novel”.  It is a phrase I’ve seen grace almost every cover of every Chick-Lit book I’ve read in recent years.  In order to remind the public that my book is fiction, there’s no better way to get the point across than to emblazon it across the cover.

Judi has also completed the spine and back cover art as well.  Now I just have to figure out how to get that pesky barcode placed correctly and we’re in business.  The business of selling my book!

Tag Line

I have created a tag line for my business cards as I think its short, sweet and describes my 63,000 words in just fifteen:

A Tomboy meets Townie love story and tale about how friendship can save your life

What do you think?  My business cards will be the book cover and have my info on the back.  I really want these to be completed soon so I will have them ready to go for my next meeting with the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers at the end of April.

Business Card Design

I’ve been contemplating what I want my business cards to be, how they should look, their shape, etc.  Doing a lot of research into marketing means I’ve come across all kinds of advice on what a business card should look like, the type of information it should convey and how to make them memorable. 

At the last SSWW meeting I met a new guest who has her cards made from ultra-thick cardstock in the shape of a cloud.  They were memorable.  But it didn’t fit in my business card holder and I ended up having to put it in the recycle bin after saving her website as a favorite.

With that experience in mind as well as all the advice I’d read online about making an impression with my cards I considered two different possibilities:
  • Shape the card like a high-heel shoe
  • Create a “book” by having a card that opens like you’ll be reading it

I liked both ideas but remembering the golden rule of keeping it simple as well as the awkward shape it would create, I shifted gears.

Instead, I’m thinking the book cover art on the front side then set up the back as if it’s the back cover of my book.  I’ll just make it look like my book but it will really be my contact info.  It will be simple and easier to print as well as store for those taking one, but with the vibrancy of the yellow I think they’ll be memorable even if the shape isn’t a shoe.


Any other self-published Authors out there who can help me with this barcode debacle?  I purchased my ISBN and barcode from (Bowker).  The file downloaded just fine but the extension is something I’m not familiar with and I’m kind of at a loss as to how to place it on my back cover.


The Last Push

The next couple weeks are it for the completion of bringing this all together and I’m so grateful for not only having the project complete but having the ability to complete it in the first place!

As many of you know Ripple the Twine is available for pre-order now.  The offer ends on April 20, 2012.