What are your Thoughts on Re-purposing Old Books?

What are your thoughts on altering an old book?

I went looking to see what kind of things people create from old books and found all kinds of interesting products. Upcycled bits and pieces combine to become everything from picture frames to wallpaper for an entire room and loads more.

Some of the projects people have posted are definitely beautiful, I just couldn’t bring myself to cut out or cut up pages of any book. Not even one that I’ll never read.

To me, I feel like books should stay books. But that’s just me.Instead of keeping books that don’t speak to me I like to donate them to charity. The fun thing? One of those crafty types might make their way into that same thrift store, find the book I donated and use it in some crafty way that I discover years from now online.

It’s fun to imagine who that person might be. A new character perhaps?


What would you do with an old book like the one in the picture up there? Read it? Hack it up? Donate it? Something else?

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