New Direction…

Good day, readers!

Back in 2015 I decided to shift some aspects of my business around.

First, I stopped blogging here and entirely focused those efforts on my diary-style blog. Over there I'd share life, career, book launch info, and sometimes help for indie authors.

Second, I put freelancing on hold to write and publish my fiction and non-fiction through Writesy Press, LLC . I don't for a minute regret that decision because I'm super proud of the 8 titles I've released since 2015.

However, 2018 is a different beast.

Let me first say, I love writing fiction and don't plan to stop anytime soon. But, the self-pub world is a tough one and my writing style doesn't fit with the way an Indie has to publish these days in order to stay at the top of the searches (AKA: the only way to make a living as a fiction writer). Trying to accomplish that level of volume actually caused me a bit of a nervous breakdown earlier this year.

It forced me to take a hard look at why I was even writing at all and I had to make some tough decisions in order to preserve the joy I always used to get from my writing. That joy had all but disappeared with stats, reports, algorithms, and the myriad of business goals I suddenly had to attach to my creative pursuits.

For a minute, my writing life seemed bleak and hopeless. I just wanted to write!

But, something really important suddenly occurred to me: even my books had shifted in recent years. I started writing more help books for fiction writers and I loved working on those.

I loved the ability to take all of my past mistakes, victories, lessons learned and plunk them into a book that someone just starting out as a fiction novelist could take and apply to their work so they could finish their book, too.

Because that shit is hard.

But, so is marketing a fiction writer with a small-ish following and I’d already written and self-published ten titles.

The proverbial light bulb went off in my head.

I reevaluated every aspect of my writing life and business and came to one eye-opening conclusion:

Fiction is my passion, but freelance and teaching are the clear paths to a career.

I know, right? It surprised me too!

But only partially. Because, in truth, I've been writing voicey blog posts for 11 years and studying all things real estate/homeowner for over 16. The moment I figured out how all of my background fits together and how I could use that expertise to help people, it was as if all the weight I’d been toting around suddenly lifted and I felt free.

Free to make my career. Free to write what I want as a self-publisher. Free from the constraints of must-do tasks that were killing my love for the written word.

And I’ve never felt more clear or more happy about my writing life!

Freelance blog posts were something I specialized in for a couple years and I made some money but I never had a specialty so I bobbed around trying to find driftwood clients to hang onto. Not a good strategy.

Like I said, I recently realized just how I could teach people and use my experience as a way to specialize.

So, now, I’m working on a novel in my spare time (time I’ve carved out of each week on purpose) but I’m in the process of building two really killer ventures that I’m more excited about than I could have thought possible.

First, the freelance side of things.

I will specialize in content marketing for real estate agents in Phoenix, specifically blog posts to connect with their clients. I’ve written and published a few articles already on Medium and this is the stuff I LOVE to research.

You all know I’m a DIY queen, ran a faux finishing business for 5 years, spent the majority of my life surrounded by the construction industry, have worked with a bunch of agents over the years, and have even bought multiple homes.

I can help agents teach their clients about good-bad-ugly in the world of buying and selling. I’m already pitching clients and I can’t wait to start writing for them!

Second venture is my desire to help new writers and hopeful authors get their book written.

As of now (August) I'm leaving all past posts here on the blog so new writers have a place to check out some of my prior advice. As 2018 winds down, however, I'll be launching a new site for new fiction writers who struggle with finishing their first novel and most or all of the advice here will migrate over.

I promise to let you know when that happens.

And when it does, this site will be taken over by my B2C blog writing business for agents.

The funny thing about all of this is, the focus on building a profitable business has made me love my fiction writing again. I can give the care and attention to my stories they deserve because I’m not on this manic publishing schedule anymore.

If I ever hit it big with a book I won’t be sad but that’s not why I started writing and that feels pretty great to admit to myself and the world.

Phoenix real estate agents and first time authors, just know I got your back and I really look forward to connecting with you in a more meaningful way in 2018 and beyond.

Let’s do this!

• • •

Jenn Flynn-Shon is a B2C content writer specializing in blogs for real estate agents and their clients in Phoenix, AZ. Find her articles on Medium. Also, ten-time published author and micro-press owner her books are sold on Amazon.