Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Blog Will be Moving Soon!

Good morning friends and wonderful readers! I have some exciting news about this here blog - I'm moving on up to a new platform for my hosting.

But before you ask why or freak out (Oh, what? That's just me freaking out? Gotcha...), keep reading to find out how you'll be able to pick up a fun freebie once the move is complete.

I love me some blogger, been here for what feels like a billion years so for my personal, Green Leaf Reviewer or Writesy Press blogs I don't plan to move away. Because I know it so well at this point that navigating around, adding, subtracting or making other modifications is quick and easy.

However, as a business person, freelancer and writer I know there's a better way to get my content out there to all of you in a richer, fuller way. And it has everything to do with the platform.

So as you can probably guess, this blog is going to be moving over to Wordpress!

Why am I sharing this info? Well, for starters, I'm going to take a break from blogging until the move is complete. There's a couple reasons for that.

First, I need to take some time to learn enough about WP that I can start posting right away once the migration is complete. I've got a little experience with using WP but there are quite a few things I need to figure out right away. 

Second, it only seems fair to the company I'm hiring to make the move that I don't keep adding on a bunch of content to be migrated. 

So in the spirit of excitement for making this change, I'm working on putting an informational piece together for all of you self-publishing Authors out there. And I'm going to offer it for free download...but only for a limited time. Details to follow so stay tuned!

I appreciate everyone's patience as I make this move and can't wait to unveil the brand new blog in just a couple weeks!

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Kianwi said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I really appreciated your encouragement and viewpoint.

I had a blog on Blogger and am now on Wordpress. I like Wordpress so much better. I used to struggle with some elements of posting on Blogger, but have not had any issues on Wordpress. Although, I must say, the learning curve is a bit of a bear. You were right to take time off from blogging to get that down.