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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Thank You to My New Client - Latex Paint Away

As a Freelance Writer I enjoy dipping my toes into a lot of different types of writing waters. I've been blogging for many years, writing articles for the web for just as long, have interviewed people from eco shop owners to famous musicians, and even guest posted on some popular sites.

So when I got my first chance to write the content for an entire website, maximize their SEO, and more clearly express their company message, I all but jumped at the chance! This is my thank you to Latex Paint Away** for their foresight to take a chance on me as a content writer.

And I know they're glad they did because here are some amazing facts about their before and after, just a week apart:

  • In mid July the company hosting their page alerted LPA that their keyword relevancy was only at a 50, that it was far below what they consider to be a SearchBot friendly site.
  • As of the updated changes at the end of last week the keyword relevancy spiked to a 100 and was rated as "Excellent" for relevancy!
The old site only had a total of about 200 words across all 5 pages. While this is a B2C/B2B site where the content should be kept within a moderate reading range, I increased the word count to under 750 words overall. Each page details what they do - provide an eco-friendly, non-toxic paint remover for clean glass - and encourages their clients to give them a try.

As a newer business it's so important to be clear right from the start and now they communicate effectively and efficiently!

In addition to giving the copy more pizzazz and a personal touch (just like their company personality!), there is now a clear message on each page as well as a clear suggestion for what the customer should do next - email, contact, order, call, etc.

To see that the search results have produced such a relevant spike in activity for my client thrills me to no end! My main goal with updating their copy was to get them the exposure they deserve and watch their business soar to the highest possible level.

I truly thank LPA for the opportunity to help their business grow through the use of better words that I got to write for them! Best of luck in getting your product out there!

**If you or someone you know is going to be completing a paining job anywhere near glass this product is so cool. You don't need to tape off because once the paint is dry Latex Paint Away will remove over-paint from the glass with almost no effort. Check out their website and order a sample to try it for yourself!

(Please note that while I personally know the owner of this company I have no income interest or monetary gain from recommending the product.)

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Published in multiple print and online sources, Author, Blogger and Freelance Writer Jenn Flynn-Shon has been writing for publication since 2001. Follow her antics on twitter @jennshon

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Chris said...

Looks like all your knowledge of social media and SEO counts is getting some good use. Congrats Jenn!